How to get internet in Canada with an eSIM?

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Whether it’s for business, tourism or to share your experience in Canada’s big cities or its lush forests full of bears, if you’re planning a trip you’ll be interested to know the best option to get internet in Canada with a travel eSIM, with which you can connect to the internet immediately without paying huge bills like roaming, or putting your data at risk on public wifi networks.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about eSIM cards from leading brands such as Holafly, Airalo or Simoptions. In addition, we analyze in detail their features such as speed, data limit, technical support, price or duration of the plans based on our experience with each of them to help you find the best eSIM for Canada. We already tell you that Holafly eSIM cards with unlimited data are a safe bet with no extra charges and you will also have 24h support in English.

Comparison of eSIMs for a trip to Canada

When comparing different brands of eSIM we must take into account all the features that will determine whether the card will suit your travel needs. That’s why we have prepared this table with all the essential information about each brand to help you make your choice. We’ll go into more detail on all the important points below so you won’t miss any of the information.

BrandPlan durationData SharingUnlimited DataAppGB per planSupportPriceTrustpilotScore
Holafly5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 daysNo++Unlimited Data on all plansEnglish, direct chat and WhatsApp27€ -57€4.74.4
Airalo7, 15 and 30 daysYes+1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB and 10 GBIn English, via bot6€ – 35€2.63.8
Truphone1, 30 daysSometimes+100MB, 1GB, 2GB and 5GB In English by mail and App7€ – 25€1.93.25
Simoptions7, 14 and 15 daysNo1GB, 6GB, 10GB and 20GBIn English via chat9,9€ – 39,9€3.53,5
Maya Mobile5, 10, 15 and 30 daysYes++1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, unlimitedIn English by email7€ – 35€4.43.2
Comparison of eSIM card brands to get internet on your trip to Canada

1. Holafly, eSIM for Canada with unlimited data and Spanish customer support

esim canada
eSIM by Holafly for Canada
AdvantagesThey offer data packages by continent and for countries.
Holafly’s eSIM cards are easy to purchase and install with QR code or manually.
A wide variety of eSIM cards with different prices and contract durations.
All of its plans for Canada offer unlimited data.
They have eSIM cards for 160 destinations.
24/7 technical support in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Japanese.
Very flexible pricing.
They offer eSIM cards for all of North America: Canada, Mexico and the USA.
It can be paid in euros, dollars and Mexican pesos.
An App where you can check your usage and the number of days left on your contract.
DisadvantagesTheir eSIM cards do not include calls or sms.
Holafly’s eSIM card for Canada does not allow data sharing.
No installation via their App.
Advantages and disadvantages of Holafly’s eSIM cards

Holafly is one of the best options to buy eSIM cards and travel with peace of mind as the brand offers a 24-hour customer service in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese that responds in less than a minute by chat or WhatsApp, and is currently the best rated company on Trustpilot with a score of 4.7.

esim canada
Holafly’s review on Trustpilot

On the website of Holafly you can find five unlimited data plans for 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 days. The Spanish brand also offers its customers an eSIM card for all of North America (Canada, Mexico and USA), so you can move from one country to another without having to change eSIM.

Data planPrice in EuroIn DollarsIn Pesos
5 days – Unlimited data27€27$$599
7 days – Unlimited data34€34$$599
10 days – Unlimited data37€37$$799
15 days – Unlimited data47€47$$999
20 days – Unlimited data57€57$$1199
Pay for your eSIM for Canada in Euros, Dollars or Mexican Pesos with Holafly

Holafly eSIM cards can be easily installed by scanning the QR code that will be sent to your email once you have completed the purchase. The installation can also be done manually without the need for a computer, simply by writing a code in the settings of your mobile that you can consult in the mail or in your App, which is very convenient to control the duration of the data plan.

After testing Holafly eSIM cards, we can say that they are one of the most expensive options on the market, but that in the end they are profitable as you can travel without worries thanks to their technical service, which is the most efficient of all the eSIM cards we have tested. Here is this ranking where we evaluate from 1 to 5 all the features of Holafly’s eSIM cards for Canada based on our experience.

DataPriceDurationSupportAppSpeedShare DataCurrenciesTotal

Evaluation of Holafly’s eSIM features

In this post, you can read about our experience with Holafly eSIM cards and some users’ opinions: Our opinion of Holafly eSIM.

Proceso de Instalación eSIM Holafly

2. Airalo, the cheapest eSIM brand

AdvantagesThey offer regional, country or global data packages.
Airalo’s eSIM cards are easy to purchase and install.
They are the cheapest brand on the market.
A wide variety of eSIM cards with different duration, price and gigabytes.
They have eSIM cards for 190 countries.
This eSIM card allows you to share data with other devices.
You can top up the eSIM.
They have an App and you can buy and install the eSIM from it.
DisadvantagesGigabytes are limited to 20GB or less and do not have unlimited data cards.
Short-term plans have very limited gigabytes.
Their eSIM cards do not include calls and sms.
The duration of the data plans is limited to 7, 15 and 30 days.
Their services and technical support is exclusively in English and takes a long time to respond.
Advantages and disadvantages of Airalo eSIM cards

Although Airalo is one of the cheapest brands on the market, it can be expensive in the long run, as its data plans have very limited gigabytes that can run out at any time, and its technical support takes a long time to respond.

Airalo is, along with Holafly, one of the world’s best-known brands for buying an international travel eSIM. The company, founded in Singapore in 2019 by Turkish entrepreneurs Abraham Burak and Ahmet Bahadir Özdemir, was one of the first to offer these services, and has a wide coverage of countries where they offer eSIM cards.

Airalo’s eSIM card data plans for Canada have durations of 7, 15 and 30 days, and prices range from $6 to $49. The brand has an App through which you can buy and install the eSIM, and later top it up when you run out of data.

Data planPrice in Dollars
1 GB – 7 days$6
2 GB – 15 days $11
3 GB – 30 days $15
5 GB – 30 days$18
10 GB – 30 days$35
20 GB – 30 days49$
Pay for your eSIM for Canada in Dollars with Airalo

The Airalo eSIM for Canada offers 6 data plans, so you can choose the one that best suits your trip. We compared customer reviews and feedback on Trustpilot and found that Airalo has one of the lowest scores at 2.6. Here is the ranking for each aspect of Airalo and in this post you can also read about our opinion of the brand: Our opinion of Airalo: is it worth it?

DataDuration AttendancePriceAppCurrenciesSpeedData sharingTotal

Evaluation of Airalo’s eSIM features
eSIM by Airalo for Canada

3. Truphone and its App

AdvantagesThey offer regional, country or global data packages.
Truphone eSIM cards are easy to purchase and install in your App.
They have eSIM cards for 188 countries.
Support both in the app and on the web 24/7.
Very affordable prices.
You can top up data from the App.
No need to scan QR code.
Only some eSIMs allow data sharing.
Data plans for Apple Watch.
Offer 100 MB free 1-day trial.
DisadvantagesGigabytes are limited to 5GB, no unlimited data cards.
Short-term plans have very limited gigabytes (1GB)
You cannot make purchases on the web, only from the App.
The duration of data plans is limited to 1 or 30 days.
There is no excusive plan for Canada.
Services and technical support are exclusively in English.
Advantages and disadvantages of TruPhone eSIM cards

Truphone is a UK company that offers eSIM cards to connect to the internet in over 160 countries. It was an industry pioneer and the first global operator to launch eSIM for iPad, Apple Watch and Google Pixel devices. It has also been a technology partner of Apple since 2016, which gives it a great competitive advantage and makes it easier to install eSIMs on its devices.

For Canada the brand does not offer any exclusive plan for the country, however, together with the United States, this is included in the 4 global plans. Two of these plans have a duration of one day and 100MB and 1GB, and two other two 30-day plans with 2GB and 5GB. Prices range from €7 to €25. The 100MB plan is free for you to try for one day. The problem with this brand is that their data plans have very few gigabytes (maximum 5GB) and this means that you can run out of internet in the middle of your trip.

Data planPrice in Euros
1 day – 100 MB0€
1 day – 1 GB7€
30 days – 2 GB13€
30 days – 5 GB25€
Pay for your eSIM for Canada in Euros from TruPhone

While you can check the website for data plans and all the details about their eSIMs, to buy the eSIM card you will need to download the mobile app. Once downloaded, you will need to create an account by entering your details directly or via Google or Facebook. You can then choose the country and data plan you need for your trip and pay securely. A great advantage of the App is that it detects if your mobile is compatible with eSIM before allowing you to make the purchase.

The installation and activation processes are done through the App, so you won’t need to scan any QR code. Please note, however, that you will need internet to perform the operation.

If you go to Trustpilot, you will see that Truphone has over 100 reviews and a rating of 1.9, one of the lowest among eSIM card providers. We have also rated the Truphone eSIM card based on our experience, and these are our findings.

DataDurationSupportPriceAppSpeedData SharingCurrenciesTotal

Evaluation of Truphone eSIM features

If you want to know more about our experience with Truphone eSIM cards and what other users have to say about them, check out this post: What we think of the Truphone eSIM

4. SimOptions and its marketplace

AdvantagesThey offer regional, country or global data packages.
Sim Options eSIM cards are easy to purchase and install.
They have eSIM cards for 160 countries.
DisadvantagesGigabytes are limited to 20GB or less and they do not have unlimited data cards.
Short-term plans have very limited gigabytes.
The features of eSIMs for the same country vary according to the brand contracted.
The duration of data plans is limited to 7, 14 and 15 days.
Not all eSIM cards allow data top-up.
The technical support depends on each brand and a good customer service cannot be guaranteed.
The speed depends on each brand of eSIM card.
There is no App to control data consumption.
Advantages and disadvantages of SimOptions eSIM cards

Sim Options is an eSIM card marketplace where local mobile phone companies in each country sell their eSIM cards. The brand, with offices in Paris, Thailand and Hong Kong, offers data plans for eSIM cards in more than 160 countries and also has regional and global plans.

For Canada, you’ll find just three 7, 14 and 15-day data plans, with data limits of 1GB, 6GB, 10GB and 20GB. The prices are higher than average and range from $9.9 to $39.9. Only one of them offers the ability to top up the eSIM when data has been used up.

The main drawback of Simoptions is that its website is a bit chaotic and the data plans, as they are from different brands, are very disparate, and their features vary a lot, not only price, speed or duration, but also technical support, the possibility of recharging or sharing data. This will force you to look in detail at each brand and will make it harder for you to make a decision.

Data planPrice in Dollars
7 days – 1 GB9,9$
30 days – 10 GB24,9$
30 days -20 GB34,9$
15 days – 6 GB39,9$
Pay for your eSIM for Canada in Dollars with SimOptions

Our personal experience is that with SimOptions cards, you waste a lot of time comparing cards. In addition, the price is high, you can only pay in dollars, and they don’t give you the guarantee of good technical support. Here we leave you this ranking where we rate SimOptions eSIM cards from 1 to 5 and in this post you can read about our opinion and that of other customers about the brand: Our opinion about Sim Options: is it worth it?

DataDurationAttendancePriceAppSpeedData sharingCoinsTotal

Evaluation of SimOptions eSIM features

5. Maya Mobile, data packages for one month

AdvantagesThey offer data packages by continent and for countries.
Maya Mobile eSIM cards are easy to purchase and install with QR code or manually.
They have eSIM cards for 194 destinations.
Data plans limited to 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB which can run out quickly
Flexible pricing.
For recharging you can set up auto-recharge after 30 days.
Enable data sharing with other devices.
DisadvantagesTheir eSIM cards do not include calls or sms.
No App
The unlimited data plan has a 5Mbps limit
Technical support in English via a bot.
Only 30-day data plans
Advantages and disadvantages of Maya Mobile’s eSIM cards

This company makes eSIM cards available for 30 days in Canada. In this case, the price of the data packages varies depending on the gigabytes. All in all they have 5 packages of 1, 3 ,5 ,10 and 30 gigabytes. The price ranges from €8 to €187.

Like Holafly, Maya Mobile is characterized by the speed and simplicity of its contracting process and installation, which is also done via a QR code that arrives in the mail. In addition, they have a 100% refund policy of the purchase in the event that the data does not work, which is not usually the case as they have a minimum of two data providers in each country where they offer their services.

Data planPrice in Euro
1 GB – 30 days 8€
3 GB – 30 days15€
5 GB – 30 days23€
10 GB – 30 days45€
Unlimited – 30 days187€
Pay for your eSIM for Canada in Euros with Maya Mobile

The drawback with Maya Mobile is that their plans are very inflexible and only last for 30 days. On Trustpilot, you can see that the brand has an average score of 4.4, but there are hardly any reviews. Here’s a table showing how they rate each of their eSIM card features.

DataDurationAttendancePriceAppSpeedData sharingCoinsTotal

Evaluation of Maya Mobile eSIM features
eSIM from Maya Mobile for Canada

Conclusion of the best eSIM for Canada

In this post we have seen that there are many important factors to consider when comparing eSIM cards as, for each type of travel, you will have different connection needs. That is why we have prepared this section where we tell you based on our experience which eSIM card is best for which type of travel

When we travel, we don’t want to run out of data in the middle of our holiday, so eSIM cards with unlimited data are the best option. In Canada, no company offers this option, so look for companies that offer more gigabytes in fewer days, such as Holafly or Maya Mobile.

We know it can be tricky to calculate the gigabytes you’ll need during your trip, so we’ve put together this table to help you estimate the gigabytes you’ll need based on your usual usage

PlatformGigabyte consumption per hour
Instagram0.12 GB – 0.18 GB
Facebook0.12 GB – 0.18 GB
Twitter0.06 GB
Tiktok0.18 GB – 0.8 GB
Netflix0.3 GB – 7 GB
Youtube0.14 GB – 1.7 GB
Amazon Prime0.8 GB – 6 GB
Internet spending on video platforms and social media

The installation process for eSIM cards is always simple and quick, but it is true that there are some companies that make it even easier. The first thing to do is to check if your mobile is compatible with the brand’s eSIM. You can check this information on the website of each provider.

The purchase of the eSIM for Canada can be done via the web in the case of some brands such as Holafly or Simoptions, or via the app such as Truphone. Holafly’s website is very intuitive and easy to use, while Simoptions’ is quite complicated to understand and you will have to do a lot of reading.

The only brands that allow installation through the App are Airalo and Truphone, and in the case of Holafly, from the App you can get the code to install the eSIM manually without using a computer. You can also install the eSIM by scanning a QR code that you will receive by email as soon as you have completed the purchase with Holafly, Airalo, Simoptions or Maya Mobile.

Instalation process esim Holafly CANADA
eSIM card installation process

On the other hand, it is very important to consider the technical service to help you in the installation process and solve any doubt or problem. Most brands such as Maya Mobile or Airalo have a chatbot that takes a long time to respond and only does so in English. In the case of Simoptions, technical support will depend on the brand of eSIM card you have chosen. In this regard Holafly’s technical support is the best as they respond in less than 1 minute in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese through the web chat or by WhatsApp, where a conversation is automatically opened after purchase.

Instant data in Canada
Buy internet for your trip to Canada from anywhere in the world

Many times when we travel we want toshare data with other devices and only some providers such as Airalo, Ubigi and some Simoptions brands make this possible.

But one of the most important aspects is price. The cheapest brands are Airalo and Maya Mobile, however, their data plans are very limited, and you’re likely to run out and have to pay again with the top-up. That’s why it’s sometimes advisable to pay a little more and get an eSIM card with unlimited data limit like Holafly’s to give you peace of mind and avoid having to recharge again.

All in all, Holafly’s eSIM cards are the best choice for travel to Canada because of their data and multilingual technical support that responds in less than a minute. With Holafly you will never run out of data on your trip.

What other options do I have to connect to the internet in Canada?

eSIM cards are undoubtedly the best option for internet in Canada because of all the advantages and conveniences they offer, as summarized in this table. We also tell you what other options are available to you to have internet during your travels.

ConvenienceImmediate delivery and activation upon purchase.
Pre-purchase prior to travel.
Easy installation; unlike SIM cards, you don’t have to remove the original card.
You’ll be connected as soon as you land, no need to find a shop first.
You’ll find tailor-made plans to suit the duration and needs of your trip.
No dependency on batteries, as with Pocket wifi.
You won’t have to carry an extra device during your trip, like the Pocket Wifi.
Peace of mind24h technical support in English, unlike with a SIM or Pocket Wifi.
You won’t have to worry about forgetting or losing any device other than your mobile.
SecurityWithout using public wifi networks vulnerable to hacking.
Avoid entering personal data in endless forms to get Wifi.
No need to open or manipulate your phone as with eSIM cards.
Advantages of eSIM cards for your trip to Canada

1. Buy a SIM before you travel

SIM cards can be purchased in physical stores in the destination country or online in your home country. However, this option is only recommended when your mobile is not compatible with an eSIM card, as the installation of the SIM may damage the mobile or you may run the risk of losing your original SIM.

The main operators with SIM cards in the country are Bell, which offers between 100MB and 3GB from 7€, and Rogers, which offers between 250MB and 1GB from 20€.

eSIM cards for travelling to Canada
eSIM cards for travelling to Canada

2. Use roaming from Movistar, Vodafone and Orange

As you may already know, roaming is a service offered by mobile companies that allows you to have internet and make calls wherever you are. The problem with this service is its high costs, so it is advisable to check with the company before travelling.

AdvantagesNo installation on our mobile.
No extra services to sign up for.
You can receive calls, send messages and connect to the internet immediately.
DisadvantagesIt is the most expensive option.
Sometimes it is activated without us realising.
Not all telephone companies offer this service.
Advantages and disadvantages of pocket wifi for internet on a trip to Canada

These are some companies that offer roaming service in Canada:

Mobile OperatorApproximate price in euros per data
Jazztel – Tarifa Mundo7 euros/100 MB
Jazztel – Tarifa Básica12 euros/MB
Yoigo10.89 euros/MB
Pepephone10.89 euros/MB
Másmóvil6.05 euros/MB
Amena6.05 euros/500 KB
Lowi6.05 euros/MB
Internet Rates in Canada

3. Rent a Pocket WiFi in Canada

Pocket Wifi is a small router that you can carry in your pocket on your trip to connect to the internet wherever you are. This system is interesting because it allows you to share data with more devices and costs, as it’s one of the most expensive systems.

In Canada, some brands that rent pocket wifi are Travelers Wifi for €80 a week, or My Webspot for €10 a day.

AdvantagesIt can be used by several devices at the same time.
You can choose the gigabyte package that suits you best.
No need to install anything on our mobiles.
DisadvantagesIt is one of the most expensive options.
There are few brands to choose from.
Long-term contracts are the norm.
In addition to the data plan, you have to pay the rental, insurance and shipping costs.
The battery lasts 6 hours at most.
If you use it with more people you have to be in the same room.
You have to carry it with you wherever you go and you run the risk of losing it.
Advantages and disadvantages of a pocket wifi to have internet on a trip to Canada

4. Search for free WiFi networks in Canada

Free WiFi hotspots are common in busy areas such as airports, museums, shopping centres, cafes, public parks or historic buildings. If you want to know the location of WiFi hotspots in Canada, there are apps to help you find them based on the city you are visiting. Facebook also has a section for this purpose.

However, care must be taken when using these public networks as they are very vulnerable to hackers who can track your personal data. So if you need to make a transaction, wait until you can use a secure network.

AdvantagesIt’s free.
No need to install anything on our mobiles.
DisadvantagesIt is difficult to find free wifi networks.
Public wifi networks are often slow or have connection problems.
You often have to fill in forms and give your personal details.
Some free wifi networks are time-limited.
You should always connect close to the router.
They are vulnerable to hacking.
Advantages and disadvantages of using free wifi networks in Canada
Get instant internet with an eSIM card for Canada
Get instant internet with an eSIM card for Canada

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This will cost you nothing but helps us offset the costs of paying our writing team. All opinions are our own. Thanks for your support 🙂 .

Frequently asked questions about how to get internet on your trip to Canada

How do eSIM cards work?

eSIM cards allow you to have internet on your mobile phone when you travel abroad without having to remove your usual SIM card, as is the case with SIM cards. This is possible thanks to a chip that is built into the latest generation of mobile phones.

The purchase of the eSIM data plan can be done through the website or the App of some brands. Choose your destination, the duration and the gigabytes of the data plan and pay securely.

How are eSIM cards installed?

The installation and activation of the eSIM is a really easy procedure that will only take a few minutes.
Once you have verified that your mobile phone is compatible with the product and chosen the data plan that best suits your needs, go to the mobile data settings on your smartphone and select “add data plan”. The camera will then open so you can scan the QR code that you will have received in the mail after the purchase. The installation and activation of your card will then begin.
This process must be carried out with an internet connection, which is why it is recommended that you do it before setting off on your trip or as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

How do I know if my mobile phone is compatible with an eSIM?

Most models of common brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei or Google are compatible as long as they are recent models. Several iPads are also compatible. However, it is best to check with each provider’s website, where they will tell you which models are compatible.

Are there unlimited internet options in Canada?

Yes, Holafly offers 5 unlimited data plans with different durations to suit all types of trips.

What is the delivery time for the physical SIM card?

SIM cards can be purchased in physical shops or online, with delivery times ranging from 48 to 72 hours. There are also companies that offer same-day express delivery.

When should I activate the eSIM card?

To activate the eSIM card you need to have an internet connection, so it is recommended that you do this before you leave home or once you arrive at your hotel.

Can I share data and hotspot with Holafly?

Unlimited data plans do not normally allow data sharing, but plans with a specific number of GBs included do.

Can I return the product if I don’t travel?

Yes, but please read the cancellation and return conditions that apply to all transactions you make on the webshop before purchasing your SIM or eSIM.

Is Holafly’s eSIM for Canada reliable?

Holafly is a Spanish company launched in 2018 that you can trust, it has been tested by over 400,000 customers, travel blogs and Youtubers. Holafly has been marketing eSIMs since 2019.

What are the reviews of Holafly’s eSIM for Canada?

Holafly has over 10,000 positive experiences posted on Trustpilot, with an “Excellent” rating and 4.7 average score.

Is the Sim Options eSIM for Canada reliable?

SIM Options has both positive and negative reviews, and a lower average Trustpilot rating than Holafly at 4.4. SIM Options is a Hong Kong based company.

Is Maya Mobile’s eSIM a reliable option for Canada?

Maya is owned by a US company, Maya Virtual Inc. Reviews of Maya on Truspilot are good, with an average score of 4.7.

Is the Airalo eSIM a reliable option for Canada?

Airalo reviews on Truspilot are good, with an average score of 2.6.

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