The best rural houses in the Valencian Community

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There is a type of tourism that, despite being on the rise, is still largely unknown to many. It is rural tourism, that finds beauty in simple things, in pauses, in enjoying the fresh air, a walk in the countryside, the sunsets. Tourism that cares for the environment, promotes the local and respects traditions and customs. In the current situation of closed borders, national and international, many have been attracted by the escape route provided by rural houses. That breath of fresh air, not only metaphorical, that can be found in these accommodations so close. If you are one of those people who have not yet discovered why rural tourism is in fashion, today we are here to reveal it to you and show you our favourite rural house in the Valencian Community.

1. MasQui, rural house in the Sierra de Mariola in the Valencian Community

MasQui is a different concept of accommodation. A retreat in itself, an experience that you choose not only to sleep, but for everything it has to offer. This 19th century farmhouse, nicknamed The Energy House, is a place whose personal proposal is not only that you enjoy your stay, but also that you improve your life and lead it at a healthier pace. To this end, they offer yoga programmes in a unique setting, under an impressive glass dome overlooking nature, as well as a Bio-Gourmet restaurant, energy therapies, massages and treatments.

And as if the house itself were not enough, it is located in an enviable rural setting, in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, in the Valencia Region. An enclave that will help you to put the brakes on and enjoy a refreshing holiday.

2. La Casa Bernabé, Xátiva

Xàtiva, one of the Valencian towns with the greatest historical heritage, such as its 13th century castle, is also home to the Cova Negra Municipal Nature Reserve. A unique natural environment for its great beauty, biodiversity and its fascinating archaeological site, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

A few kilometres from the city and this captivating natural enclave, you will find Casa Bernabé, one of the most pleasant and welcoming rural houses in the Valencian Community. Surrounded by greenery, Casa Bernabé is a real haven of peace in which to rest and enjoy a quieter pace of life, stroll through nature and observe the native fauna and flora of the region.

3. Spronken House

The Spronken House itself uses the expression “When a sculpture becomes a home” to describe itself, and there is no better way to characterise this residence. The author of the work is Xander Spronken, an artist, sculptor and architect who has found in the mountains of the village of Les Useres, Castellón, the ideal place to erect his greatest work of art.

Spronken House tourist residence in the Valencian Community
Spronken House, the rural house / sculpture of the Comunitat Valenciana

To call the Spronken House a rural house is an understatement, although it is certainly located in a rural setting, opposite the Peñagolosa Natural Park, one of the most impressive places in the Comunitat Valenciana. It is actually two designer villas, inspired by Tuscany and made of wood and iron, in which art, ecology and habitability come together in the same space.

4. Villa Consuelo

Travelling to Ibiza without leaving the Valencia Region is possible thanks to this rural house. Villa Consuelo, available for booking through the Airbnb platform, is a modern space, built and decorated in the style of Ibizan architecture. This fantastic house is also in a unique location, with views of the Sierra Calderona mountain range, in Valencia, 5 kilometres from Sagunto and 10 from the beach of Canet de Berenguer.

Villa Consuelo, an Ibizan country house in the Valencian Community

5. Aldea Roqueta

Aldea Roqueta is an example of passion for the rural environment. Culla is a small village of around 500 inhabitants in the province of Castellón. Full of charm and history, it is one of those rural municipalities that have been depopulated over the years. Aldea Roqueta found in this beautiful inland village in front of the valley of the Sierra Engarcerán the place to set up. In this way, its creators restored a group of farmhouses, giving them back the life and beauty of times gone by and offering a haven of peace and tranquillity, in which there is not even a television or telephone, to its guests.

Aldea Roqueta is the ideal place to rest, to reconnect with the origins and observation. A place where you can feel at ease and enjoy the little things.

Aldea Roqueta, a set of rural houses in Castellón
Aldea Roqueta, a set of rural houses designed for disconnection in Castellón, Valencian Community

6. Mardelacarrasca

Mardelacarrasa is one of those projects that make a mark. A group of houses designed to be as beneficial for your health as for the environment. These sustainable rural houses are an example in the Valencian Community of what tourism should aspire to become. The rooms at Mardelacarrasca are powered by solar panels, the wood for the cooker comes from the forest, the water comes from a nearby spring. In short, it is a place that minimises its impact on the environment as much as possible and yet has an unforgettable impact on its guests.

Wellness rituals are offered at Mardelacarrasa, such as yoga sessions and dips in its ofuro or Nordic bath, a place designed for the relaxation of body and mind. It also has a kitchen where they serve dishes of flavours, as they define, “simple and clean”, that seek our enjoyment and enrichment.

Mardelacarrasa, a unique rural house in Villahermosa del Río, Castellón

7. Cuatre Finques

Cuatre Finques is one of the best places to stay in Alicante if you want a quiet place with magnificent views of nature. This beautiful stone farmhouse is one of the most pleasant rural houses in the Valencian Community. Just a pleasant 15-minute walk from the Jalón Valley and two kilometres from the centre of Xaló, a pretty village nestled in the mountains.

This Valencian farmhouse is the ideal place to enjoy a quiet afternoon sunbathing by the pool. As well as a beautiful hiking or cycling route through the beautiful Alicante countryside.

8. The Riurau de Maria

For those unfamiliar with the word, a riurau is a typical rural building in the Marina Alta region of Alicante. If there were a list of the most beautiful, comfortable and pleasant places to stay, the Riurau de María would surely top it. This riurau, located in the village of Parcent, 20 minutes from Dénia, was restored by the architect Marta Woodward. She managed to combine tradition, respect for the rural environment, modernity and design in a single building.

It is the perfect place to stay both in summer and winter. In summer the climate invites you to enjoy the swimming pool framed by the mountains. And in winter it becomes a cosy space thanks to the warmth that emanates from the beautiful fireplace in the living room.

El Riurau de María, a beautiful rural house in Denia
El Riurau de María, a beautiful rural house 20 minutes from Denia, in the Valencian Community

9. Finca les Coves

In the town of Jijona in Alicante, you will find Finca les Coves, a place that offers its guests a wide variety of accommodation in an unbeatable setting. At les Coves, as they explain on their website, they like to enjoy life. And they manage to transmit this feeling through their accommodation. They have two beautiful houses to stay in. One of them is the Cave House, as it is indeed built in a cave that today looks more like a temple in honour of design and comfort. In addition, for those looking for new experiences, Finca Les Coves has beautiful cabins and safari tents with all the comforts.

10. Can Elisa, rural house on the Costa Blanca in the Valencian Community

Linda and Jasper arrived in Tàrbena, a small village of around 600 inhabitants in the Sierra de Bernia mountains in Alicante, for the first time in 2011 and fell deeply in love with the land. Five years later, they opened Can Elisa, a beautiful country house, their personal oasis and that of all those who stay in their flats, to the public.

Can Elisa has two apartments: Almendra, in honour of the almond tree that, from January to March, covers the mountains that can be seen from the windows with pink and white; and Oliva. These pleasant rural houses combine the beauty and taste of the tradition of the Valencian Community, with its stone walls and arches, with all the comforts of modern life. In addition, if you want an experience even closer to nature, you can enjoy a stay in their Glamping. This safari-style “tent” has nothing to envy to flats and offers an enormous sense of freedom.

Rural house Can Elisa, Tàrbena, Alicante
Can Elisa, Tàrbena, Alicante

Travel tips for the Valencian Community

  • Take the opportunity to consume local produce and buy from small shops.
  • Respect the environment on your nature excursions.
  • Find out about possible activities at your destination on the dates of your trip. Rural tourism is a good opportunity to get to know the real culture of a place.
  • Don’t forget your hiking boots or shoes if you’re going on a nature walk.
  • Bring a basic first aid kit.
  • Download the apps to make your trip easier, such as GPS without coverage and luggage organisers.
  • And above all… forget the rush and enjoy the journey!

How to organise your trip around the Valencian Community?

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