Best viewpoints in Granada

best viewpoints in granada

To fully enjoy Granada you need to use all five senses, but above all your eyes. A visit to this city is all about seeing, contemplating and admiring its best views. There is no better way to do this than through its incredible viewpoints in Granada.

Granada is guarded by several strategically placed viewpoints, which tell a different story of the city. Due to its geography, the city of Granada has several hills located around it that make a perfect picture. The Sabika hill, where the Alhambra is located, is one of the most important hills in Granada. Just opposite, we find the Albaicín and Sacromonte neighbourhoods, also situated on two hills. It is on these high points where most of Granada’s viewpoints are located. This privilege spots allow you to contemplate the charms of the city. Thus, we present the best 14 viewpoints in Granada from where you can appreciate its enormous attraction.

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1. San Nicolás viewpoint in Granada

You can enjoy the most beautiful and magical sunsets in the city from this viewpoint in Granada. Moreover, it is undoubtedly the best known and one of the most representative viewpoints in Granada. Located in the heart of the Albaicín neighbourhood and with the church of San Nicolás behind it, we find this exclusive spot. It is the romantic postcard of Granada. It offers a complete panoramic view of the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada, the city and the Vega de Granada.

You can reached this viewpoint very close to Plaza Nueva, via Paseo de los Tristes. Then, going by the Cuesta del Chapizy, turning left at the Iglesia del Salvador, along the Carril de las Tomasas. It is a hilly walk, but very pleasant and full of beauty in Granada.

2. Caravajales Viewpoint in Granada

Hidden among the streets of the Albaicín neighbourhood, we come across the Caravajales viewpoint. It is located in the placeta de los Caravajales, in the lower part of the Albaicín. It is placed between the slope of San Gregorio and Calle San Juan de los Reyes, very close to Calle Calderería and its tea shops. This stop stands out for its intimate character. Also, its original views of the Alhambra and in particular of the Torre de la Vela.

It is one of the least viewpoints in Granada visited by tourists. Also, it is a place with a special setting. It is best to go at sunset for its light and atmosphere, and it is not unusual to find yourself surrounded by different groups playing and singing flamenco. One of the peculiarities of the Mirador de los Carvajales is that it is a space that invites you to take a restful look. It is a place to stop and enjoy its magic, talk, read, listen to music or just be.

3. San Cristóbal viewpoint in Granada

san Cristobal viewpoint in granada spain
San Cristóbal viewpoint @carmalguess

This viewpoint of Granada is located in the west, the upper part of the Albaicín, next to the church of San Cristóbal. From here you can see places such as the Cathedral, the 11th century Zirid wall, the church of San Cristóbal, the palace of Dar-Al-Horra. Moreover, you can appreciate a side view of the Alhambra, the Palace of Charles V, Sierra Nevada and the city of Granada. Moreover, from its elevated position you can even see part of the Albaicín district itself. The view is spectacular and the sunsets from this box paint the whole city orange.

It is located on one of the highest points of the Albaicín, and it was considered an ideal place for defence. Moreover, it can be reached from the Alhacaba slope, behind the Elvira gate, and then up the stairs of the San Cristóbal slope.

4. San Miguel Alto viewpoint in Granada

This viewpoint is situated in front of the Ermita de San Miguel Alto, and is the highest viewpoint in Granada. In addition, it offers a wide and spectacular view of the city. Also, a view of the Vega, the Albaicín district and its walls, the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada.

You can access it by a long walk, admittedly a bit steep due to the height at which it is located. But, the breathtaking views reward quickly that effort. It is also possible to go up by bus.

5. Santa Isabel Del Real viewpoint in Granada

It is located in the Plaza de Santa Isabel la Real, next to the Monastery of Santa Isabel la Real. Also, it is very close to the viewpoint of San Nicolás in Granada. It is true that it offers similar views to the San Nicolás viewpoint. But, it gives a better view of the Alhambra, and a wider perspective of the Sierra Nevada. Also, it is a much quieter and calmer stop compared to the San Nicolás viewpoint. In addition, the square is fitted out with fountains. Also, seats and cobblestone floors to make it an ideal refuge for sunbathing or reading.

6. Fin del Mundo Viewpoint (the end of the World)

the end os the world viewpoint granada spain
Fin del Mundo viewpoint @carlasierrachia

Located in Beas de Guadix, on the outskirts of the town, this is the perfect place to enjoy dazzling views of the deserts of the north of the province of Granada. The peaks of the Sierra Nevada can be glimpsed in the background. In addition, a large part of the Alhama River Valley can be seen, which encompasses all the municipalities located to the right of the river Fardes: Cortes y Graena, Beas, Marchal and Purullena. The landscapes offered by this area allow us to understand the geological evolution of the whole region and to appreciate the nuances of its beauty.

Access to the viewpoint is on foot, taking a track at the entrance to Beas de Guadix which, after a walk of about one kilometre, leads to the “end of the world”.

7. Barranco del Abogado viewpoint in Granada

This is one of the least known viewpoints in Granada. But, it is one of those with the most complete and symbolic view of the city. It is located in the south-eastern part of the city, under the hill of the cemetery. This viewpoint presents a very peculiar picture of the Sierra Nevada, the northern part of the city, and the Sierra Elvira in the background.

The Barranco del Abogado viewpoint is located on the access road to the Alhambra, near the public car park of the monument. You can easily reach it walking, but it is a long walk as it is not entirely central. The easiest way to reach it is from the Alhambra car park, turning right downhill. Alternatively, you can access it by walking down the street from the Realejo to the Avenida Santa María de la Alhambra.

8. Carmen de los Mártires Viewpoint

Just above the Realejo is the Carmen de los Mártires viewpoint. It is a small palace and gardens located in a unique setting that offers a beautiful view of the city of Granada.

From the Carmen de los Mártires viewpoint you can see the view of the fertile plain of Granada, the city centre and the Sierra Nevada. A stroll through its beautiful gardens is an excellent option as it is very close to the Alhambra. Because of its proximity, it is a good idea to visit this viewpoint before your visit to the Alhambra. To help you organise your visit to the Alhambra, take a look at our post: What to see in the Alhambra in Granada. Here, we offer you all the information you need to make sure you don’t forget anything important and to keep up to date with opening times and prices.

There is a minibus called “Alhambra Bus” with lines C30 and C32 to access this viewpoint in Granada. Indeed, you can take it from the Plaza de Isabel la Católica.

9. Viewpoint of the Great Mosque of Granada

Located just a few metres from the San Nicolás viewpoint is the Great Mosque. The mosque has gardens with a beautiful view of the Alhambra and the city of Granada. This is also an uncrowded vantage point from which to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the beauty of the surroundings. In addition, the building hides spaces, corners and a fountain in Arabic style that will make your stay even more enchanting.

10. Carmen de la Victoria viewpoint

The Plaza de La Victoria is located in the Albaicín neighbourhood and is bordered by Calle San Juan de los Reyes and the Ave María school. The carmenes were a typical type of Moorish dwelling usually found in these parts of the city. This type of dwelling was conceived as a place of enjoyment and had a small garden or orchard. In particular, the Carmen de la Victoria belongs to the University of Granada. It is a guest residence, where courses are taught, and which tourists can access on foot to explore its gardens.

11. Mario Maya or Vereda de en medio Viewpoint

This viewpoint is located in a street called Vereda de en medio, in the heart of Sacromonte and close to the famous caves with which it shares its name.

We go up this steep street and shortly after passing the Venta el Gallo, we turn left and take the street Vereda de en medio, where, after about 200 metres, we find the viewpoint. At the same point, some 50 metres further on, there is another viewpoint called Mario Maya. Here, as in many other viewpoints in Granada, it is common to find people playing and singing flamenco. The views from both viewpoints are very similar, but equally worthwhile.

12. Viewpoint Ojo de Granada

This viewpoint is the closest to the city centre. It is located above Calle Elvira and offers a privileged close-up view of the Cathedral and the city centre.

To reach this point from Calle Elvira you have to go up Caldererías and then go up the Cuesta de Marañas and cross Calle Cruz de Quirós.

13. La Churra viewpoint

This is one of the least known viewpoints in the city. However, it offers us an unprecedented view of the Albaicín.

It is located in the heart of the Churra district, at the foot of the Alhambra, in Almanzora Alta street. The easiest access is from the Cuesta Gomérez and turning left before reaching the Puerta de las Granadas.

What is the best viewpoint in Granada?

san Nicolas viewpoint granada spain
San Nicolás viewpoint @sergiodejuan

The Mirador de San Nicolás is a must-see for its unbeatable views of the Alhambra and the Generalife, and is commonly chosen as the favourite of all the city’s viewpoints. However, there are other essential sites such as the Mirador de Carvajales and Santa Isabel la Real, which offer the most extravagant postcards of the Alhambra. Likewise, from the Mirador de San Cristóbal you can contemplate a film sunset and from San Miguel Alto, the widest panoramic view of the city, the Albaicín and its walls, Sierra Nevada and the fertile plain of Granada.

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Restaurants at San Nicolás viewpoint

1. Balcón de San Nicolás Restaurant

Just below the Mirador de San Nicolás, you will find this restaurant. Balcón de San Nicolás has the same setting as the Mirador, but with a more intimate atmosphere. As the name suggests, it is a terrace of about 10 tables offering one of the most impressive views of Granada. The price is medium-high due to its location.

2. Estrellas de San Nicolas Restaurant

Right next to the viewpoint is this small restaurant. Part of the restaurant is located on the terrace with beautiful views of the Alhambra, but be careful to ask for a table because it also has tables in the back with no views. It is a very good quality restaurant, but the price is high due to the area.

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How to organise your visit to the viewpoints of Granada?

fin del mundo viewpoint granada
Fin del Mundo viewpoint @carlasierrachia

If you have already organised your itinerary with the Passporter App, all you have to do is add the viewpoints you like the most to your route and see on the map how to saorder them according to your other points of interest. If you haven’t downloaded the App yet, don’t waste any more time and organise your ideas with passporter to visit and make the most of your trip to this incredible city.

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