Kuramathi Island Resort in the Maldives

kuramathi island resort
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The beautiful Kuramathi Island Resort in the Maldives is the largest of the six islands belonging to the Rasdhoo Atoll. About 2 kilometres long, Kuramathi Maldives is a dream come true. This unique enclave is a beautiful silhouette of pale sand and tropical jungle in the middle of the turquoise Indian Ocean. It is a private island that offers a peaceful atmosphere, perfect to disconnect and relax. However, this secluded refuge also has different activities that will make this a trip to remember. At Passporter we invite you to discover it, but above all, to fall in love with it as much as we did – or even more!

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Kuramathi Island Maldives Accommodation

This island is home to fantastic accommodation that respects the indigenous nature and blends into the environment, becoming part of the island itself. Kuramathi is truly a unique experience. Tailored to suit all budgets, this resort offers up to 12 different villa options, from the individual Beach Villas to the idyllic Water Villas with pool, offering up to 290 accommodation units.

kuramathi island resort accommodation
Accommodation on Kuramathi Island

The standout features of this hotel are its idyllic villas set against the azure blue sea, which will make you want to be nowhere else. Offering multiple services, this hotel has absolutely everything. From a spa, 2 diving centres to 12 superb restaurants, and 7 bars set in the lush island scenery. If you’re travelling with children, you’ll also find exciting family-friendly options such as the Bageecha Kids Club, or daily boat trips to see turtles, sharks or schools of fish.

Kuramathi Beach

In terms of beaches, Kuramathi Island is perfect. It is 2 km of pale sand where you can lie back and enjoy the slow-paced life of the Maldives. In addition to the dreamy views from your hammock, Kuramathi’s seabed is simply spectacular. You will be able to enjoy the beach and crystal clear waters where you can sunbathe, swim and discover beautiful colourful fish while snorkelling.


One of the greatest attractions of this island in the Indian Ocean is its rich and unspoilt nature. Kuramathi is a place of great scenic beauty, where you will discover beautiful natural spaces that make it even more of a special haven.

Kuramathi is therefore concerned with protecting the environment and the island’s natural habitats, taking the necessary measures to preserve wildlife. The island has a marine biologist who is in charge of sustainable practices and is the head of the Environment Committee to ensure Kuramathi’s sustainability.


Kuramathi Island Resort offers two specialised diving centres if you are looking to add a little more excitement to your trip. The island has incredible marine life and warm waters that make diving on this island an unforgettable experience.

snorkel, kuramathi island resort
Snorkel in Kuramathi, Maldives

Kuramathi has an experienced dive team who make you feel very relaxed and confident, so don’t worry if this is your first dive. If you are an experienced diver you will find many exciting and challenging dives where you can swim with sharks, manta rays, turtles, rays and a variety of reef fish.

With many dive sites, Kuramathi Reef is an exceptional place to dive in the Maldives. Just 8 minutes away by boat, you will be able to see magnificent hammerhead sharks, one of the few places in the world where you can still see these majestic creatures.

Sand bank, Kuramathi Maldivas

Sandbank, Kuramathi Island Maldives
Sandbank, Kuramathi Island Maldives

This idyllic island has a beautiful sandbank at the western end of the island. It is a strip of sand that juts out of the turquoise water and seems to have no end. An amazing sight and the exact definition of paradise. Without a doubt a place you must not miss on your visit to Kuramathi, Maldives. The sandbank is a 20 minute walk away from Kuramathi Island Resort.

Where to eat in Kuramathi Island, Maldives?

Kuramathi has a wide variety of restaurants and bars all over the island. You will find the perfect place according to your preferences, as each restaurant has a wide variety of menus. Discover restaurants ranging from Asian, Italian to local food. Here is the selection of restaurants we chose during our trip, but you will find many more on the island.

  • The Reef
  • Palm Restaurant
  • Barbecue Restaurant
Facilities, Kuramathi Maldives
Facilities, Kuramathi Maldives

Tips for your trip to Kuramathi, Maldives

  • Plugs in the Maldives have three prong, so don’t forget to pack an adaptor in your suitcase.
  • The official currency in the Republic of the Maldives is the Maldivian Rupee (MVR), better known as Rufiyaa. However, all transactions with tourists are carried out in US dollars or by credit card.
  • The official time in the Maldives is GMT+5, i.e. 4 hours more than in Spain during the winter and 3 hours more during the summer.
  • Be careful not to get burned whilst snorkelling, it is very common not to notice due to the temperature of the water. 
  • We always recommend travelling with travel insurance, so make sure you take out good insurance before you leave for the Maldives.
trip to kuramathi island resort
Trip to Kuramathi Island, Maldives

How to organise what to see on your trip to Kuramathi Island, Maldives?

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Frequently asked questions about your trip to Kuramathi Island Resort, Maldives

How to get to Kuramathi Island, Maldives?

The Maldives are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka. To get to Kuramathi Island, you will have to fly to Malé, the capital, and then take a seaplane or speedboat to Kuramathi Island. Kuramathi is about 56 km from the international airport.

How much does a flight to the Maldives cost?

Flights from Spain to Malé usually cost between €600 and €1,000 depending on the season. A return seaplane transfer costs between €250 and €500 per person, depending on the flight time. A return transfer by speedboat usually costs between €90 and €180.

How to get around Kuramathi Island, Maldives?

You can easily walk around Kuramathi Island as it is no more than 2 km long from end to end. Buggies run every 15 minutes and will take you to any point on the island.

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