Hulhumale Island of The Maldives

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A true paradise and visual spectacle, a visit to the stunning island of Hulhumale in the Maldives is not to be missed. This stunning destination is an artificial island that was originally created with the aim of reducing overpopulation in the region of Malé. Construction began in 1997, and it was finally inaugurated in 2004.

This island is striking even from above with huge buildings along the beachfront. It is the ideal destination for travellers looking for the ultimate all-inclusive comfort. Hulhumale’s vast expanse allows you to enjoy a wide variety of activities, both in the city and by the sea. If you want to find out more about this destination, keep reading our post!

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Hulhumale Mosque

Located in the heart of the island, the Hulhumale Mosque is probably the most important religious building on the island. As well as having an impressive structure visible from a distance, it is surrounded by a pleasant park where you can take a stroll.

It was originally built as part of a land reclamation project in the 2000s. The mosque has beautiful architecture with a circular facade and white walls, giving it a clean, modern feel. It has huge windows and is crowned by an eye-catching golden dome. You can visit the interior, where you will discover a large prayer room, as well as several passages from the Qur’an carved along the walls. This is a place you cannot miss on your trip to Hulhumale Maldives.

Hulhumale Beach Maldives

The island of Hulhumale has one main beach that runs along much of its length. Located just 2 kilometres from Male International Airport, this beach is one of the main places to visit on your trip to Hulhumale Maldives.

This is an impressive spot where the beach meets an abundance of nature that will make you feel like you are in a true paradise. It is also the ideal place to enjoy a good swim in its incredible blue waters, as well as practising various water sports and activities such as snorkelling and diving. It’s important to note that bikinis are not allowed on most beaches in the Maldives, and Hulhumale is no exception. Be sure to wear a T-shirt and respect the local rules. You’ll be delighted with the peace and tranquillity this beach has to offer.

hulhumale beach maldives
Hulhumale Beach, Maldives

Restaurants in Hulhumale Maldives

Despite its small size, Hulhumale has some excellent places to enjoy a good lunch or dinner. Here are some of our favourite places.

First of all, we recommend giving GG’s Kitchen and Bistro a try, where you can enjoy numerous specialities of Russian and Moroccan origin. This fine dining restaurant offers high quality food that will give you an unmatched gastronomic experience.

Another option that you will definitely love is Oishii. This incredible restaurant specialises in sushi made with Maldivian fish. You can enjoy a great lunch or dinner in a restaurant with a Japanese atmosphere.

Finally, don’t miss Zaatar Café, where you can taste the best Mediterranean and Arabic food in the area. Located close to the beach, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of dishes with great views of the sea.

Water sports in Hulhumale

The island of Hulhumale is the perfect place for water sports, especially because of the clarity and calmness of its waters. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast or not, it’s a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

The main and most popular activy is, first and foremost, snorkelling. Hulhumale has an impressive reef just 70 metres from the shore, so you can easily spot some of the world’s most impressive marine life. From turtles and rays to baby sharks, you’ll be fascinated by the abundance of marine life. On the island you’ll find numerous offices and stalls offering tours and equipment hire for both snorkelling and scuba diving, so don’t miss out on this incredible experience!

Water Sports Hulhumale Maldives
Water Sports Hulhumale Maldives @unsplash

Hulhumale Central Park

Known as the Central Park of Hulhumale, this beautiful centrally located park is a pleasant walk in a natural setting. It is a popular place for travellers and locals alike, who enjoy everything from a pleasant stroll to a bit of exercise.

You can spend a morning or afternoon in the park as you walk through extensive lawns and leafy trees. Along your walk through this area, you will discover a beautiful pond. The people of Hulhumale come here to exercise in the open air, as well as to organise small football matches or just to spend some quiet time. It’s the from the hustle and bustle of urban Hulhamale and lose yourself in a more natural environment – you’ll love it!

Hotels in Hulhumale Maldives

Hulhumale offers a wide range of accommodation and hotels varying in quality and price, so you can choose depending on your budget and preferences.

Firstly, we recommend Hathaa Beach Maldives. This accommodation is just a 10-minute drive from Hulhumale Beach and Kuruma Beach. It is a small guesthouse with 7 pleasant rooms, a terrace and a garden. You can enjoy a wide range of facilities and an exceptionally priced restaurant.

Another option is the Hulhumale Lonuveli. This impressive hotel is located right on the beach, offering all the necessary services and an impeccable presentation. You can enjoy its beautiful rooftop terrace, as well as its superb restaurant.

We also recommend staying at Eureka Serenity Athiri Inn in Hulhumale. This beautiful accommodation is located on the beachfront, just a minute’s drive from the main beach of Hulhumale. You can choose from rooms with balcony or patio, as well as a beautiful communal garden and all the necessary amenities.

Finally, we suggest staying at Crystal Crown. Located in the heart of the financial district and within walking distance of Hulhumale Beach, this place offers fully equipped rooms and an excellent spa service where you can relax after a day out.

Excursion to Malé

If you’re travelling to Hulhumale, you definitely shouldn’t miss a trip to the capital of the Maldives: Malé. Although it’s not the most beautiful place to visit in the country, it has a few places worth seeing.

This bustling city covers just 6 square kilometres, but is one of the most densely populated cities in the world with a population of 133,000. Here you can visit a number of landmarks, such as the lovely local market, stroll through the many narrow, colourful streets or enjoy a drink at the skybar of the famous Jen Hotel. Another place you’ll love is the Friday Mosque, which has an impressive golden dome, or the pleasant Sultan Park, home to the curious National Museum. We 100% recommend visiting.

Trip to Hulhumale Maldives
Trip to Hulhumale Maldives @unsplash

Tips for a trip to Hulhumale Maldives

  • Wear light clothing for the beach
  • Don’t forget that bikinis are banned on most beaches.
  • Organise your flights to get from one destination to another easily.
  • Don’t forget to carry a sufficient amount of dollars as it is not easy to find a cash machine.
  • It is not necessary to obtain a visa to travel to Hulhumale.
  • Remember that the plugs in the Maldives are Type G with three prongs.

Frequently asked questions about a trip to Hulhumale Maldives

How to get to Hulhumale Island from Malé?

The easiest way to get to Hulhumale from Malé is by road due to its close proximity and good connections. You can take a bus or taxi to Malé in less than 15 minutes. The bus fare is $2, while taxi fares range from $5-10.

When is the best time to travel to Hulhumale Maldives?

The best time of year to visit Hulhumale is between January and April, when there is less chance of rainfall and the temperature is ideal, averaging around 29ºC.

Do I need a passport to travel to Hulhumale Maldives?

A passport is required when travelling to the Maldives, as well as a free visitor’s visa valid for 30 days.

How to travel from Spain to Hulhumale Maldives?

The most efficient and ‘quickest’ way to get to Hulhumale from Spain is to fly from Madrid or Barcelona and make a stopover in major cities such as Paris or London. Once there, take a flight with Qatar Airways or Emirates to Malé, the capital of the Maldives.

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