Things to do and see in Morella, Spain

Morella Spain

Located in the province of Castellón, Morella is an ideal destination to escape and disconnect from the city. Strolling through its narrow streets, discovering its famous castle, exploring its walls, and going on some of its hiking trails are just some of the things to do in Morella, Spain.

This charming medieval town welcomes its visitors with history, tradition, and craftsmanship. The strategic position of its castle draws the beautiful image of this town and incites you to discover it. It is without a doubt a landscape worth exploring to soak up the charm that surrounds it.

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Things to do in Morella, Spain

Morella spain
Walls of Morella

Morella Castle

The Castle of Morella looms over the town and is an essential stop when in Morella. This magnificent castle is considered one of the most important fortresses in the Mediterranean. It has great historical and cultural importance, as well as standing out for its impressive structure. This castle was built on natural stone and has Islamic architecture. Its unique location is undeniably stunning. It offers a unique panoramic view of the city, but its history is even more alluring. Remains from the Neolithic period have been found on the natural stone on which it stands, as well as evidence of the Iberians, Visigoths, Arabs, and of course Christians.

In addition, this castle has witnessed the passing of important people in history. For example Abderraman III, El Cid, Jaume I, King Ferdinand of Antequera, Pope Luna, San Vicente Ferrer, the Prince of Viana and General Cabrera.

walls morella spain
Walls of Morella

Convent of San Francisco

The convent of San Francisco is another of the important sights to see in this medieval city. It is also the monument that leads to the castle. This convent has several rooms that stand out due to the beauty and simplicity of the original Gothic style. The convent’s church dates back to the 14th century, as well as the remains of the cloister. This former Franciscan convent has been converted into an interesting museum, which contains artefacts and paintings from the 15th century. The Chapter House has one of the oldest examples of Spanish macabre art, La Danza de la Muerte (The Dance of Death). Entry to the castle and the Convent of San Francisco is included in the same ticket. However, access to both monuments is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

The towers of Morella

Admiring the city from one of its viewpoints and towers is a great experience and one of the things you have to do in Morella, Spain. In addition to the views from the castle, this town in Castellón has 16 towers scattered throughout the town centre. Of particular note are the Towers of San Miguel, which welcome visitors to the town.

The towers of San Miguel

The towers of San Miguel are the main access for visitors, and an essential spot to see in Morella. Built in the 14th century, it is a gateway formed by two towers that make up part of the walled silhouette of Morella. There is an entrance and you can go up to the different levels of the towers, to the rooms inside and to the terraces. Moreover, this is a great place to go with children as it has several informative exhibitions and traditional games.

The Basilica of Santa María la Mayor

This basilica should be the main stop on your visit to this town. Both its structure and its interior are some of the best things to see in Morella, Spain. It is even considered one of the most beautiful monuments in the Mediterranean. It has a beautiful façade composed of two doors, the door of the Apostles and the door of the Virgins. Inside, the choir staircase, which is twisted around one of the columns, as well as the choir vault itself, are particularly striking.

One of the most surprising facts about the choir is that it is elevated above the columns in the middle of the church, which is globally unique. Another characteristic feature of this church is its monumental organ, created by Francisco Turull. This organ is made up of more than 3,000 pipes and is one of the most important in the Valencian Community. The entrance to the Basílica Arciprestal Santa María la Mayor costs 2.50 and it can be visited every day.

The historic centre of Morella, Spain

Morella, Spain @unsplash

Morella is made for strolling around its narrow streets. The size and structure of its historic quarter invites you to do so. It has a well preserved town centre full of special places to discover. One of the key points in the historic quarter is Calle Blasco de Alagón. This street is known as the square and is usually a meeting point full of atmosphere and architectural treasures such as its arcades or the Town Hall. The town hall has two beautiful gothic halls and the Lonja and has been awarded as the best restaurant. Blasco Alagon street is also the place where a spectacular market takes place on Sundays. It gives the city a special energy.

In addition to this strategic point, the small Jewish quarter full of narrow streets is full of character. As well as the slope of Sant Joan, which crosses the whole town with its 402 steps. Definitely one of the most important places to see in Morella, Spain.

The walls of Morella

Another of the main attractions of Morella is its walls. They are the most iconic image of the city and stand out from the rest of the town’s landmarks. These walls date back to the 14th-15th centuries. The perimeter is about 2 kilometres, with a height ranging between 10 and 15 metres, and 2 metres thick.

One of the most special things to do in Morella is to walk around the walls at night. At night these walls are illuminated and create a unique atmosphere. Here, you can appreciate the beauty of this medieval town even more. If you spend one or more nights in Morella, you will have the reward of being able to walk around the illuminated walls.

Alameda de Morella

Another thing to do in Morella is to take a walk along the Alameda de Morella. This route starts from the Porta dels Estudis to the Porta de la Nevera, going around the back of the city. This walk allows you to admire another perspective of the castle, as well as a beautiful image of the mountains of Els Ports. It is a 20-minute walk that offers beautiful views of the castle and the pine forest, and which immerses you in a stunning environment. It is also a walk that is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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What to see and do around Morella, Spain?

Hiking in Morella Spain

Morella is a unique destination for lovers of hiking and cycling. The Els Ports-Camí de Conquesta route is an ideal path to explore. Here, you can admire the richness of nature in this region. This route starts at the Sant Miquel Gate in Morella, where you start on foot along the route of the aqueducts. Here you will find the Aqueduct of Santa Lucia, and the Medieval Aqueduct of Morella. After about two hours of walking, between the mountains and the forest, you will arrive at the village of Chiva de Morella. This is a different option from the typical tourism in Morella. However, it is a favourite among many of its visitors, as it shows another perspective of the town.

The cave paintings of Morella la Vella

Another really interesting activity in the surroundings of Morella is to go and see the cave paintings of Morella La Vella. This place in Castellón was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. About 6 kilometres from the town centre, the paintings are located in a curious farmhouse where the rock of the mountain is used as a wall. On this wall, we find a large number of hunting scenes and schematic representations. It provides a beautiful example of the passage of time and of Levantine rock art.

Itinerary for Morella, Spain

Check out this itinerary created by one of our users to help inspire you for your own trip!

What to eat in Morella, Spain?

The gastronomy of Morella stands out for its intense flavours and its “spoon recipes”, typical of mountain and inland areas. Its cuisine is ideal to enjoy in the autumn and winter months as it is focused on hot dishes, but it is also a delicious option all year round. The recipes are famous for their traditional techniques and the quality of the local produce.

Some of the most typical dishes from Morella are Morella soup or stew, as well as meats and sausages such as lamb, rabbit, longaniza sausage, or cecina (cured beef jerky). Morella’s croquettes are also very famous, but above all the black truffle season, which accompanies a wide variety of the region’s recipes. Other typical gastronomic products of Morella are its delicious cheeses, mainly sheep’s and goat’s cheese. But if we talk about sweets, we cannot forget the flaó, a delicious pastry filled with cottage cheese and almonds that you have to try when in Morella.

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Tips for your trip to Morella

  • Remember to wear comfortable clothes and footwear for hiking.
  • For parking in Morella there is a large outdoor car park in the Alameda which is free of charge except in summer, Easter and the weekends between Easter and the Pilar long weekend.
  • Book your accommodation in advance before your trip to Morella.
  • Morella Castle is open from 11:00 to 19:00 every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to park for free in Morella?

For parking, in Morella, there is a large outdoor car park in the Alameda which is free except in summer, Easter, and the weekends between Easter and the Pilar long weekend. You will know if you have to pay when you arrive at the entrance to the car park if there are young people with waistcoats from the town hall.

What to see in Morella in one day?

The towers of San Miguel
The Castle of Morella
Convent of San Francisco
The historic centre of Morella
The Walls of Morella
The Alameda of Morella

How many kilometres are there between Valencia and Morella?

Morella is 170 km away from Valencia, i.e. 2 hours by car; while from the city of Castellón it is 100 km away, 1 hour 20 minutes.

How much does it cost to enter the castle?

The castle can be visited every day and the entrance fee is 3.50 €. In addition, this ticket includes access to the convent of San Francisco as well.

What can you do in Morella with children?

One of the tourist attractions for families in Morella is the Dinosaur Museum. For decades, paleontologists have been exploring and discovering dinosaur remains in Morella and the surrounding area, with the most studied species, the Iguanodon, standing out. It is a very original and interesting visit for the whole family.

How to visit cave paintings in Morella la Vella?

Visits to Morella La Vella can be arranged in advance at the Morella Tourist Office.

Where to eat in Morella?

For an unforgettable experience in Morella, food has to meet all your expectations and much more. That’s why we’ve made a selection of the best restaurants in Morella so that you can discover the best flavours of the local cuisine and leave with the best possible taste in your mouth. Take a look at these top 5 restaurants in Morella and take note of the ones that catch your eye.

– Vinatea
– Marqués de Cruilles Restaurant
La Fonda
– El Faixero Restaurant
– Daluan Restaurant

Where to stay in Morella?

Morella is a destination where rural areas take centre stage. Therefore, here is a selection of the best rural hotels to integrate you into the atmosphere of the place. Take a look at this top 5 and choose your favourites!
– Hotel Rural Vallivana Suites & Spa Morella
– Vinatea Suites
– Font d’en Torres
– Hotel Mas de la Serra
– Enduella House

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