What are the best beaches in Valencia

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The province of Valencia has approximately 100 kilometres of beaches, most of which have been awarded the Blue Flag. Therefore, it is difficult to write a list of the best beaches in Valencia. However, we have made the effort and, below, we suggest some of them that could not be missed. Join us on this tour of the Valencian coast and its wonderful beaches, from the busy Malvarrosa to the hidden Estany in Cullera and start creating your own route to the best beaches in Valencia.

El Saler, the most beautiful beach in the city of Valencia

Just 15 minutes by car from the city centre, you will find El Saler beach, for many people the best and most beautiful beach in Valencia. El Saler is located in the heart of the Albufera Natural Park, a protected area of great natural wealth, and is one of the 8 beaches that belong to the capital. This beach will surprise you with its clean water, its fine sand and its countless succession of dunes.

Despite being so close to the centre, it is a pleasant and quiet beach, far from the hustle and bustle of beaches such as Malvarrosa. It is bounded to the south by Pinedo beach, to the north by Devesa beach and to the west by the albufera, a coastal wetland of 2,100 hectares that you can explore on a lovely boat ride.

Pinedo in the Valencian capital

Pinedo is another wonderful beach in the Valencian capital which is located in the Albufera Natural Park. In fact, El Saler beach and Pinedo are connected, and you can walk from one to the other. This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful walks you can take along the coast of Valencia.

Similar to the previous one, Pinedo beach is characterised by its fine golden sand and calm waters. It also has a promenade with bars and restaurants, so it lacks for nothing.

El Perelló

On the edge of the Albufera Natural Park, the seaside town of El Perelló is home to one of the best beaches in Valencia.

The beach of Perelló is a wide beach of fine sand, quiet and not very crowded. It is an ideal beach to go with the family as it does not cover much, and it is safe for children, who can play in the water without danger. Furthermore, in Perelló there is a marina and a sailing club with a sailing school.

The Malvarrosa Beach is the most popular and therefore the busiest beach in the city of Valencia, due to its sandy extension and its location in the city.

This beach is perfect if you are looking for a good place to practise sports, rent jet skis, and, to spend a great sunny morning while you have a good swim and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in an ideal environment. It also has a long promenade lined with bars and restaurants where you can eat the best paella in Valencia.

Malvarrosa, the most popular beach in Valencia
Malvarrosa beach @merpalmero

Patacona beach

The Patacona beach, in the municipality of Alboraya, could be considered a continuation of the Malvarrosa beach, although it is much less crowded than the former.

It also has a long stretch of sand and calm waters and some chiringuitos where open-air concerts are held on summer nights. It also has a very pretty promenade with old colourful houses that have kept their original architecture and have been converted into restaurants with terraces overlooking the sea.

How to get to the Patacona beach, Valencia
Patacona beach, Valencia @lourmalo

San Antonio Beach

Probably the most representative image of Cullera and one of its main attractions. The beach of San Antonio is one of the most attractive for tourists and locals as it has a large expanse of sand, which allows you to practice sports such as beach volleyball and paddle. San Antonio has lifeguard towers and all the necessary facilities to keep you safe. It tends to be quite busy during summer.

San Antonio Beach in Cullera, Vacations in Valencia
San Antonio Beach in Cullera, Valencia @unsplash

Beach of L’Estany

Also in Cullera is the beautiful beach of l’Estany. If you are looking for a smaller and more personal beach, this is the one for you. It is located in the northern part of the Laguna del Estany, here you can enjoy a wonderful beach with clean waters and fine sand with your family and in peace and quiet.

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Beach of L’Ahuir in Gandía, Valencia

Playa l’Ahuir is the most beautiful beach in the town of Gandia, 70 kilometres from the city of Valencia. It is located in the northernmost part of the city, and is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Gandía and in the whole of Valencia. As it is further away from the city centre, it is the ideal place to avoid the large crowds. With an extension of more than two kilometres, on this beach you will be able to enjoy absolute tranquillity and radiant sunshine in an impressive dune landscape. In addition, this place has a strong ecological value for the city, mixing white sands with abundant vegetation. It will become your favourite beach in Gandía, especially if you like to practice nudism.

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Terranova Beach

Oliva is one of the favourite Valencian municipalities for holidaymakers, and it is not surprising, as it is home to some of the best beaches in Valencia. Two examples are the beaches of Terranova and Aigua Blanca.

The beach of Terranova is one of the jewels of the Valencian coastline. With a low occupancy rate, this beach offers 2 kilometres of tranquillity, sun and golden sand. This beach in the region of La Safor is surrounded by orchards, rice fields and orange groves, as well as being crowned by beautiful dunes of fine sand.

It is also located in a strategic point for sports such as windsurfing due to the winds in the area.

Aigua Blanca Beach

The beach of Aigua Blanca, also in Oliva, is another beautiful beach on the coast of Valencia. Its almost 2 kilometres long and 80 metres wide, with fine sand and a dune area full of vegetation, make this beach one of the favourites of locals and holidaymakers who dive into the waters at the mouth of the Alfadalí and Bullent rivers. In addition, on Aigua Blanca beach you can find a wide variety of services that will make your stay much more comfortable, such as parking, showers, footbaths, a beach bar and boat hire.

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Frequently asked questions about the best beaches in Valencia

How many kilometres of beach does Valencia have?

The province of Valencia has almost 100 kilometres of beaches, 19.5 of which belong to the capital.

How many beaches does Valencia have?

The city of Valencia has 8 beaches.

Which is the cleanest beach in Valencia?

Most of the beaches on the Valencian coast have the privilege of being awarded the Blue Flag. In order for this award to be given to a beach, two of the requirements it must meet are:

-Water Quality: the quality of bathing water on the beach, during the previous bathing season, must be excellent, at all its sampling points, in accordance with the Bathing Water Quality Directive.

Environmental Management: the beach must comply with environmental legislation, especially the Coastal Law, and must be clean and have adequate waste management, including the selective collection of packaging, paper, glass, etc.


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