Ireland travel: Things to do on a trip to Ireland

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Ireland is a country that often leaves visitors speechless. Wherever you choose to go in this British Isles country, you’ll fall in love with its beauty: from its stunning green landscapes of countryside, cliffs and seawater, to its beautiful towns and villages, cobbled streets that still recall a thousand stories of kings and queens, to its culture and the friendliness of its people. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this list of things to do in Ireland. So that when you organise your trip, you won’t miss a thing.

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Dublin, the capital and a must-see in Ireland

Dublin is full of interesting places to see that will not leave you indifferent on your trip to Ireland. One of them, perhaps the most famous, is the iconic Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university and one of the most prestigious in the world. Its main attraction is its huge library with soaring ceilings, wooden bookshelves and manuscripts from every age. And although it is the most popular visit, it is not the only one. The Dublin Castle, dating from the 13th century, in the heart of the historic centre, is another of them. It now houses police headquarters, but was once the residence of royalty and is now a major Dublin attraction. The Holy Trinity Cathedral, better known as Christ Church, is Dublin’s oldest cathedral, an impressive medieval Gothic-style cathedral and a must-see.

But Dublin is not just about ancient buildings. It has other important attractions such as Saint Stephen’s Green Park,  one of the city’s green spots, a beautiful park where you can stroll and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with a beautiful lake with swans and ducks. And for those who aren’t looking for peace and quiet, Temple Bar is the place to be. It’s the capital’s liveliest neighbourhood and a must-visit area for any visitor to Dublin, Ireland. And, of course, a pint of Guinness.

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things to do in Ireland
Things to do in Ireland: The Temple Bar, Ireland’s most famous pub @Unsplash


Howth is a small fishing village just 30 minutes from Dublin, and a popular day trip for tourists visiting the city. Howth’s surroundings of cliffs and rugged hills are stunning. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of hiking trails to explore. But above all, Howth, Ireland, is best known for the seals that can be spotted near the harbour.

Besides spotting seals on the sea walk, other attractions in Howth include its castle, of which only its gardens can be visited, the Peak of Howth, an impressive hiking route and the Baily’s lighthouse with excellent views of the coast.

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Belfast is Ireland’s second-largest city and the capital of the north of the country. It is world-famous for being the site of the building of the Titanic and for serving as a battleground during the Unionist-Republican struggle in the 20th century.

The Belfast Botanic Garden is the city’s largest park, and a wonderful place to lose yourself. It’s next to the university and can be reached by a stroll along Botanic Avenue from the city centre. Queen’s University is one of Ireland’s most prestigious universities. In addition to the botanical garden, it is worth a visit to see the central building, the Victorian-style Lanyon Building. As previously mentioned, the famous Titanic was built in the Harland and Wolff shipyard. Therefore, in Belfast you can visit the Titanic Museum, which tells the complete story of the Titanic in nine rooms. We also recommend a tour of the Belfast murals. There are more than 2000 murals narrating the conflict between Unionists and Republicans on The Shankill Road and The Falls Road.

Travel to Ireland Belfast City Hall
Travel to Ireland: Belfast City Hall @Unsplash

And for those who want to get away from the city and connect with nature, there is an option. The Giant’s Causeway is just an hour and a half from Belfast. It’s a natural formation of basalt columns created 60 million years ago by a volcanic eruption, a true marvel.

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Cork, the second most populous city to see in Ireland

Built on the River Lee, Cork is a great city: it is Ireland’s second most populous city and is a major port for the country.

We couldn’t start any other way than by recommending one of the main streets in the city centre: St. Patrick’s Street. This street is the nerve centre of the city, where the commercial and leisure activity of the city is located. From here you’ll be able to get to most parts of the city, making it a good starting point on your Cork, Ireland sightseeing route. Whether you’re devout or not, there’s one monument you can’t miss on your tour of Cork, and that’s St. Finbar’s Cathedral, the city’s landmark.

If you fancy a break from the centre of Cork Island and want to enjoy the charm of the local countryside, Fitzgerald Park is the place to be. Situated on the outskirts, it’s an expansive park of green meadows on the banks of the River Lee, where you can watch the water lilies.

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Kinsale, the most picturesque place to see in Ireland

In County Cork, 30 minutes from the city of the same name, there is the place that has earned the title of the most picturesque town to see in Ireland. It’s the fishing village of Kinsale, with its colourful houses lining the streets and breathtaking scenery.

The Charles Fort is the town’s main tourist attraction. It is a fortress built in the 17th century and has been impeccably preserved over the years. This fort is part of Irish history as it played a key role in the Williamite War and the Irish Civil War of 1922. From the castle you can see the old town of Kinsale and the coastline. The views are breathtaking.

The streets of the old town are a must-see in Kinsale Ireland. The residents painted the facades of the houses in bright, eye-catching colours; blues, oranges, reds… which definitely contrast with the greyish appearance of the rest of Iceland’s cities. Strolling through the streets of Kinsale is a real pleasure that will take you away from the world.

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Galway is a beautiful town in the far west of Ireland and one of the most visited. It’s home to Eyre Square, where much of the city’s life takes place and where you can enjoy the Irish atmosphere with outdoor music, tree-lined areas and street art. As you can imagine, it is located right in the centre of the city, very close to all the interesting places to see on your trip to Galway Ireland. An example of this is the ruins of Lynch Castle, of which only the façade and an obscure legend now remain.

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Another must-see on your list of things to see in Galway is the Latin Quarter, one of the liveliest areas of the city, with colourful laneways, music on every corner and a wealth of bars, cafes and pubs. At night, this is one of the most lively areas of the city, so if you want to enjoy Galway’s nightlife, we recommend a stroll along Quay Street.

Galway, a beautiful city to see on your trip to Ireland
Galway, a beautiful city to see on your trip to Ireland @Unsplash

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Canyls of Moher

And just an hour and a half’s drive from Galway is one of the most breathtaking sights to see in Ireland, a place where nature is all-encompassing, leaving visitors speechless. It is the Cliffs of Moher.

Nature in Ireland seems to have gone to great lengths to create works of art and these cliffs are proof of that. If you fancy getting away from the city, these cliffs are a must-see on your list of things to see in and around Galway. This famous landmark towers over the Atlantic coastline and will take you about two hours to explore. However, if you’re travelling on your own, remember to arrive early as the car park tends to fill up easily.

The Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher one of the must-see natural sites in Ireland @Unsplash


Donegal, situated in the far north-western corner of Ireland, is part of the county of the same name, where the country’s spectacular countryside is at its most spectacular. Vast green landscapes, cliffs, beaches… all this beautiful scenery is perfectly matched by the monuments that can be found throughout the region. The town of Donegal is home to some interesting sites, such as Donegal Castle and Abbey and Diamond Square. However, its main charm is the nature and greenery that surrounds the area.

Slieve League Cliffs is a must-see near Donegal. It’s a journey that can take several hours, but just to witness the Atlantic sea lapping against the coastline to leave such a beautiful figure is a marvel you have to see for yourself on your trip to Ireland.

Donegal a unique place to see in Ireland
Donegal, a unique place to see in Ireland @Unsplash


The city of Limerick is located in the province of Munster, in the south of Ireland and is a three-hour drive from Dublin. Every year it welcomes hundreds of tourists to its streets and thousands of students move to the university town to study. Whether you’re a student or a tourist, be prepared because there’s plenty to see in Limerick.

Limerick isn’t just a technology and science powerhouse, it’s also the country’s third largest economic powerhouse behind Dublin and Cork, and a place with a great history behind it. Despite the wars, the city still retains the city walls and castle, and a few more buildings of Viking origin, which you can read about at:

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Tips for your trip to Ireland

  • The currency used in Ireland is the Euro (€)
  • The best time to see Ireland is in summer, when temperatures are higher (around 20 degrees) and pleasant.
  • If you want a more economical trip, travel in winter.
  • Be prepared for medical emergencies: travel with insurance.
  • Wear rain gear and closed-toe shoes even in summer.
  • Ireland is a safe country, but you should always be careful with your belongings in crowded, touristy places.
  • Download the 10 Best Apps you should use on your trip.

How to organise what to see in Ireland

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Frequently asked questions about ireland

How to get around Ireland?

To get around big cities like Dublin, Cork or Belfast, public transport is the most convenient way. All three cities have a good public transport network, both within Ireland and to other parts of the country. If you decide to move around the country freely, it’s always best to drive your own car, which will give you more freedom and you won’t be tied to timetables. But if you decide not to do so, Ireland has a good network of buses and trains that will take you to your destination.

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