I'm Lucía, welcome to Cantabria!

Cantabria, Spain

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DAY 1 💫 Stay in Noja and do a route up to Langre

DAY 2 🌊 Beach route from Langre to Loredo

DAY 3 ⚓ Santoña and a boat trip to the lighthouse.

DAY 4 🏡 The classics of Santillana and Comillas

DAY 5 🕍 The best of Santander

Lucía provides you with information on where to stay, where to eat and routes for the five days.

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Lucía Clemente

I'm Lucía, welcome to Cantabria!

Her name is Lucía and she is passionate about capturing small moments of her life, both on her trips and in her day to day life, to create little memories that will accompany her for her whole life. She captures her life in order to remember it. She has travelled all around Spain and has created an itienerary through Cantabria in which she shows you some of her favourite villages as well as the beaches she loved the most.

She has travelled all around Spain and has done road trips in places such as the Costa Brava, Cantabria and the islands.


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