Welcome to my city!

San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

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DAY 1 🌊 A route along the city's coast and tasting typical food.

DAY 2 🏘️ Get lost in the city's Old Town.

DAY 3 ⛰️ A route over hills and the best beaches.

Jorge provides you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the three days.

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By car: For Spanish travellers, I recommend goong by car to be

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Jorge Guilarte

Welcome to my city!

Jorge is form San Sebastián and is a photographer who loves to travel. He has been to many parts of the world with his camera. His last trip was to Lanzarote. The land of volcanoes as he calls it. He has created a complete itinerary through the city of San Sebastián, in which he shows you the most special places in his city.

He has travelled to countries such as Sri Lanka, China, Florida, Portugal and the Maldives.


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