I present to you the North of Madrid!

Madrid, Spain

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DAY 1 🏞️ Picnic by the reservoir and a route through Cercedilla

DAY 2 🌿 Start at the lagoon and end the day in Segovia.

Gon provides you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the two days.

How to get there

I did it with my own vehicle as I live in Madrid, and petrol was my only transportation cost.

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Gonzalo Martín

I present to you the North of Madrid!

Gon is a photographer and filmmaker from Madrid and he is constantly travelling the world. He photographs the most amazing landscapes in every country he visits. He has planned a getaway through the mountains where you can enjoy the moon over Madrid.

He has travelled to countries such as Jamaica, Cuba, Jordan, Egypt, Poland and Iceland.


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Optional: San Antonio El Real Hotel

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