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DAY 1 🖤 The black sand beach, the glaciers and the abandoned aeroplane

DAY 2 🌋 The most incredible waterfalls and one of the active craters

DAY 3 ⛪️ Kirkjufell, the black church and visiting Reykjavik

Javi provides you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the three days.

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We travelled from Valencia and as there were no direct

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Javi Llopis

Enjoy this amazing country!

Javi is a content creator from Valencia and is constantly travelling. Travelling, sports and nature are his three passions. He dreams of travelling across North America by bike. Even though he already travelled to Iceland a few months ago, he says it is an amazing destination that he would never get tired of exploring. He has created an itinerary for Iceland in which he shows you the amazing contrasts of a country full of nature.

He has travelled to over 20 countries and his favourites have been Iceland, Vietnam, the USA and the Netherlands.


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Hallgrimskirkja and Reikiavik

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