You will never forget Seville!

Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain

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DAY 1 💫 Lose yourself in the streets of the centre and end the day watching the sunset from a rooftop.

DAY 2 🌿 Start and the gardens and end at the Puente de Triana

Justwotravel provide you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the three days.

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You can get to get to Seville by air

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You will never forget Seville!

Marta and Juanjo are from Mallorca. They are travellers and dreamers and their goal in life is to enjoy every moment. They are behind the blog Justwotravel, where they try to inspire others with their experiences, pictures and lifestyle. She is the main photo subject and writer of the blog, and he is the photographer and designer of Justwotravel. They have created an itinerary for Seville in which they show you the most authentic spots in the city.

They have travelled to over 31 countries, such as China, Vietnam, Brazil, Cuba and the Maldives.



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Airport - City center

Optional: bus (Especial Aeropuerto)



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