Welcome to Soria!

Soria, Castille and León, Spain

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DAY 1 🏞️ A route of viewpoints and spend the afternoon by the lagoon.

DAY 2 🌾 The Laguna Negra and a picnic in the mountains.

DAY 3 🌿 Visit the Cañón del Río Natural Park and the largest pine forest

Gonzalo provides you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the three days.

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By car. The journey is

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Gonzalo Baz

Welcome to Soria!

Gonzalo is a traveller and a photographer from Madrid. He loves nature and landscapes. He always tries to capture textures and details in his photos. He likes outdoorsy plans and in his opinion camping in the mountains is a plan that can never fail. He has created an itinerary for Soria in which he shows you the spots that inspire him most in the area.

He has travelled around most of Spain.


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