The perfect Paris getaway!

Paris, Île-de-France, France

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DAY 1 💫 Louvre Museum, café, visit the Moulin Rouge and discover a very special basketball court

DAY 2 🗼 Route through the musts of the Parisian city

Day 3 🏰 Visit the Royal Palace and route through the Montmartre district

Gigi and Dan provide you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the three days.

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Gigi and Dann Chierghini

The perfect Paris getaway!

Gigi and Dan are a couple of travelers from Argentina and England who met in New Zealand while traveling. In their blog Youmeandthesaltysea they share their adventures exploring the world. Their best photographs and travel guides to give people the opportunity to get travel tips. They have prepared an itinerary through the city of Paris, where they will show you their favourite corners of the city.

They have travelled to countries like Egypt, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Portugal, Morocco or Myanmar.



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Les Jardins d'Eiffel

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