Enjoy Asturias!

Asturias, Spain

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DAY 1 ⚓️ A route of lighthouses, a viewpoint and Lastres beach

DAY 2 🚣🏻 Canoeing and a route along the beaches

DAY 3 🌊 The most incredible beaches in Asturias

Rubén provides you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the three days.

How to get there

Journey Madrid-Lastres: lasts around 5 hours. Taking the road with a toll will save you

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Rubén Cabrero del Pozo

Enjoy Asturias!

Ruben is an adventure photographer from Madrid. He loves mountains, the sea and green landscapes. He is constantly travelling around Spain in search of the best places to to take photos of. He is always in good company. He has created an itinerary along the Asturian coast in which he shows you its best spots.

He has travelled all around Northern Spain, Portugal and Italy.


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Hotel Derli Sella

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