Welcome to the city of blue tiles!

Porto, Porto, Portugal

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DAY 1 ✨ Ribeira neighbourhood, cable car and sunset from the hotel

DAY 2 🏰 Visit the most beautiful streets of Porto and the Crystal Palace

Diana provides you with information on where to stay, where to eat and the route for the two days.

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Porto is a destination that can be visited all year as it is the second largest city in Portugal

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Diana Millos

Welcome to the city of blue tiles!

Diana is a full-time traveller and creative. She is the person behind the blog DIanamiaus. in the blog she shares her best travel tips and photography advice, hotel recommendations and a selection of photos from each place she visits. She aims to inspire her readers to follow the same routes she did for their next trips. She has created an itinerary for the Portuguese city of Porto in which she shows you her favourite and most magical spots in the city.

She has travelled to countries such as Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, India, Japan and Indonesia.



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