What is Passporter?

Passporter is the app where you share and plan trips.

Where is it available?

Available for IOS and Android in English and in Spanish.

What is an itinerary?

An itinerary is a travel format for a destination created by a traveller, which contains a chronological structure split into days, a map with the route for each day, specific recommendations for each location and all the necessary information, including tips, websites, phone numbers and prices to be able to complete the trip. The estimated total cost of the trip is also included.

What does the itinerary include?

An itinerary on average includes 4 whole days. Each day has more than 6 recommendations including things to do, where to stay and where to eat. Every location includes tips, contact numbers or websites if needed, an estimated price and an average of 3 photos. You will also find a map with all the locations and necessary information on visas, currency, vaccines, transportation and everything you can imagine. Finally, the traveller has detailed everything they spent so that you can see the approximate cost for each recommended location, for each day and for the trip in total.

Can I know before buying if it is the type of trip I would like?

Yes. Before paying you can watch a video about the itinerary created by the traveller, a summary of what each day includes through photos and a map with every location included.

Who created the itinerary?

The itineraries are created by Passporter’s ambassadors, users within the community who meet all the requirements: quality, assurance, experience and trip organization. They are travellers who have been to the destinations and who prepare and document their whole experience in a very detailed and useful way.

Who can create an itinerary?

Only travellers who meet the requirements of quality and experience can create itineraries. They are always verified by Passporter and create their itineraries complying with the official guarantee. Passporter verifies every itinerary offered.

Is there only one itinerary per destination?

The itineraries include certain areas for which you could find several itineraries for the same destination. Generally they contain different routes and suggestions

Can I have several itineraries at once?

Yes, if you want to have varios itineraries at the same time, to the same or different destinations, it is possible.

Can I edit the itinerary? Take away or add things?

Yes, once bought you can edit the order of the itinerary, delete things or add more plans.

Will I always have this itinerary?

Yes. Once you have bought an itinerary it will always be stored in your passport.

Can I use it if I don’t have an internet connection?

Passporter requires an internet connection to work.

Can I share it?

Yes, you can share it with friends within and outside of the community, who will be able to see the preview of the itinerary. Only the user who paid for the itinerary will be able to see its whole structure.

Can I speak to the traveller?

At the moment you will not be able to speak directly to the traveller, but we are working on this.

Can I book hotels, restaurants, transportation through the app?

Reservations cannot be done through Passporter, however we provide all the websites necessary so that you can do so easily with only one tap.

How do I pay?

You can pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay or with a credit card.

Is it a one-off payment or a subscription?

You pay for each itinerary you want. It is not a subscription.

How much does it cost?

It varies depending on the itinerary. You will find the price of the itinerary on the button. It can vary between 2.99€ and 6.99€ depending on the destination.

Is it possible to know how much the trip will cost?

Yes. The traveller has prepared a list of the cost, specifying each thing that they propose. They will provide you with an approximate total cost of the trip as well as the price of each experience.

Who can I speak with if I need help?

Whatever you may need, we are available 24 hours a day at this email address info@passporterapp.com .

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